Conscious Company Media

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Project Brief Conscious Company Magazine underwent a rebranding process in early 2016. They contracted Bunsun Designs to help them switch platforms in this rebranding process and set up a whole new site on Wordpress with much more functionality, traffic, and with a brand new look. The Challenge This [...]

Snorkel Tub

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Project Brief Nate Griswold from Inhabitect LLC works in the green roof industry. Many of Nate's projects center around creating environmentally friendly forms of architecture. One of these projects was a woodstove-powered hot tub called a Snorkel Tub. The Challenge Nate needed to demonstrate what a snorkel tub would look like [...]

Dropout Anglers

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Project Brief Dropout Anglers is a media and blogging effort cofounded by Bunsun Designs Owner and Operator, Chad Kelsey. Dropout Anglers was an idea conceived for the sole purpose of documenting the adventures and stories of fishing, camping, and climbing trips. The project purpose was to update the look and feel of the Dropout [...]