Project Description

Project Brief

The people at Bunsun Designs met Tom Wolf climbing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Tom approached, offering a beer and his friendship. From there, a relationship blossomed that led to Tom starting a rock climbing guiding business and Bunsun Designs building the website. The rest is history.

Visual A

Visual B

Design Samples

Skills Needed

This project required a thorough background in rock climbing and being able to market the abilities of Wolf Outdoors to its audience. Knowledge of the client’s world gave deeper insight that opened up the creativity for a more beautiful and functional website.

Project Planning 98%
Web Design 92%
Web Development 96%

How are they Active?

Tom Wolf and the folks at Wolf Outdoors are not only active by pursuing their passions in rock climbing, but their goal is to educate others in order to make the sport safer and more accessible to the greater public.

New Business

A new business was born that day climbing with Tom. With that business came a beautiful partnership.

New Site

That partnership lead to creating a new site for a company filled with passionate people.