Project Description

Project Brief

Kevin Qian came to Bunsun Designs with an idea and a couple of sketches. Having a background in design but no knowledge in the realm of physical design, Kevin wanted some help with designing this product. This project entailed product design, development, use of CAD modeling, and expertise in manufacturing processes.

The Challenge

The challenge of this project was in optimizing the design for a specific manufacturing process that would minimize the price point of the product. With this goal in mind, a thorough understanding of various prototyping and manufacturing techniques was critical to the project’s success.

The Solution

The solution lay in researching the limitations and design restraints within the realm of 3-D printing and injection moulding. This guided the process of the design and led to an optimized design ready for production.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Product Design

Starting from just a couple of sketches, this product idea had to be designed from scratch.

Product Development

After the initial concepts were drafted, they had to be translated into fully developed models in CAD software.

Design Mockups

Many iterations were completed and showed to the client for fast and easy prototyping.


This product had to also be optimized for various manufacturing techniques including 3-D printing and injection molding.

How are they Active?

Kevin is active by chasing his passions and acting on ideas he has within his own hobbies. Within 5 minutes of talking with Kevin, you know that he is an “ideas guy” who doesn’t just dream – he acts.