Project Description

Project Brief

Nate Griswold from Inhabitect LLC works in the green roof industry. Many of Nate’s projects center around creating environmentally friendly forms of architecture. One of these projects was a woodstove-powered hot tub called a Snorkel Tub.

The Challenge

Nate needed to demonstrate what a snorkel tub would look like in a space before it was actually built. Nate reached out and asked for designs to be created in CAD software for the purposes of marketing materials to show clients.

The Solution

Creating models in both Autodesk Fusion and Sketchup gave different styles of renderings. Expertise in both software platforms led to models with realistic renderings that were used to sell clients on this beautiful hot tub.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Product Design

Starting from just a couple of sketches, this product idea had to be designed from scratch.

Product Development

After the initial concepts were drafted, they had to be translated into fully developed models in CAD software.

Design Mockups

Many iterations were completed and showed to the client for fast and easy prototyping.

How are they Active?

Nate is very socially active in environmentalism and speaking out for sustainable building practices.