Project Description

Project Brief

Dropout Anglers is a media and blogging effort cofounded by Bunsun Designs Owner and Operator, Chad Kelsey. Dropout Anglers was an idea conceived for the sole purpose of documenting the adventures and stories of fishing, camping, and climbing trips. The project purpose was to update the look and feel of the Dropout Anglers website to engage more readers and followers.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

This project primarily consisted of creating a unique web design and transferring that design to a beautifully developed website. It was important to maintain the same image of Dropout Anglers while updating the overall feel of the site to be more modern.

Web Design 92%
Web Development 96%

How are they Active?

Dropout Anglers are continually active in the outdoor industry. Not only do they stay active through adventures, photography, and journaling their stories, but they have had the opportunity to collaborate with companies such as Redington fly fishing equipment and A Tight Loop Magazine.

Fresh Look

With an updated look, the Dropout Anglers were able to engage more people and stay current in the evolving web world.

Fresh Content

A fresh look only engages more readers along with revamping their content and stories.