Project Description

Project Brief

Conscious Company Magazine underwent a rebranding process in early 2016. They contracted Bunsun Designs to help them switch platforms in this rebranding process and set up a whole new site on WordPress with much more functionality, traffic, and with a brand new look.

The Challenge

This was an all new look for a company that wanted to expand. Both the design and the features of the website had to match the state-of-the-art look and feel of the rapidly growing Conscious Company Magazine.

The Solution

After many design iterations, Bunsun Designs worked with Conscious Company Media to develop a site that was clean, modern, but still maintained all of the functionality required not just for a magazine company, but for an all new media company.

Conceptual Design Samples

conscious company media interview with patagonia rose marcario
Mega Menu for Conscious Company Media Site

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Web Design

Going through over a dozen design iterations, Bunsun Designs aimed to bring the client exactly what they wanted.

Web Development

Conscious Company Media was a conglomeration of many wheels that all needed to be turning with each other. The web development was the core behind that.

Third Party Integration

This project consisted of working with many third-party applications and integrating them and their functionality into the site.

How are they Active?

Conscious Company Media shares inspiring, cutting edge stories about business as a force for good, hosts educational events and workshops, and connects talented individuals with purpose-driven work, all with the higher purpose of elevating consciousness in the business world.