Project Description

Project Brief

Conscious Company Magazine offers a beautiful print and online publication of a magazine dedicated to showcasing companies and individuals that are doing business for a greater purpose other than just profit. Bunsun Designs works with CCM with the ongoing development of their Shopify web store.

Visual A

Design Samples

Skills Needed

This project requires a base knowledge of development experience. Specifically, the development takes place in the native Shopify platform and utilizes the Liquid CSS language and HTML.

Project Planning 98%
Web Development 96%
E-Commerce 98%

How are they Active?

Conscious Company Magazine represents the pinacle of activism. Their passion is educating people on businesses that put passion at an equal level with profit. Covering topics such as food, design, innovation, and leadership, Conscious Company Magazine truly prides itself on fulfillment and wholesomeness in the workplace.

Beautiful Web Store

By staying on top of constant changes, Conscious Company Magazine maintains their presence at the top of the list in cleanliness and elegance.

Excellent Publication

Continual updates means bringing you, the readers, an amazing magazine both online and offline.