Project Description

Project Brief

Chas Quisenberry is an inventor and tinkerer with a passion for innovation. Chas came to Bunsun Designs with an idea for a product within the golfing industry in need of CAD help. This design needed to be optimized for 3-D printing.

The Challenge

Having a tight timeline and little room for error, this design needed to be done right on the first try. With no physical prototypes to work off of, the design was completely generated from sketches.

The Solution

By working quickly and efficiently, Bunsun Designs was able to create 3-D print-ready models in less than a day. The parts were then shipped for production and came out flawless.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Product Design

Starting from just a couple of sketches, this product idea had to be designed from scratch.

Product Development

After the initial concepts were drafted, they had to be translated into fully developed models in CAD software.

Design Mockups

Many iterations were completed and showed to the client for fast and easy prototyping.

How are they Active?

Chas is always putting his passion for innovation and invetion first by continuing to tinker. Specifically, this project was for a physically active endeavor for the golfing industry.