Hey All! I am super excited to announce the release of the Bunsun Designs Podcast. This podcast is the place to hear stories about those who are active.

In episode 1, we explore a very important question – what is a life? This question is a theme that showed up quite a bit in a book I read recently by writer and founder of semi-rad.com, Brendan Leonard. In his book, “The New American Roadtrip Mixtape,” Leonard sets out on road trip across the United States to answer this very big but very important question – What is a life? Is a life getting married and having kids? Is a life being a climbing nomadic bum? Is a life going to college and getting a job? Is a life making your own career? 

This week on the Bunsun Designs Podcast, we set out to explore that very question with renowned outdoor and lifestyle photographer, Erik Olsen. Erik tells us a story of how he found his passion, the ups and downs of that process, and how, sometimes, life doesn’t follow one, clear, direct path towards your passion; sometimes you fall into it unexpectedly.

To learn more about Erik and see some of his work, check out his website.